Happy Holidays! (and Playmats)

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve got playmats!

You can print these out on a large sheet of paper and then laminate them, or you can take them to a playmat printer and get them printed onto a regular playmat.

The playmats have a handy life counter along the top with starting points for kids (20 life) and adults (16 life). There’s also some boxes for Castles, the Boss card, and the deck & away piles.

Click on the images below to download full-sized versions of the playmats you like.

Dragon Playmat

Elf Playmat

Farmer Playmat

Giant Playmat

Hot Soup Playmat

Magic Hair Playmat

Squirrels Playmat

Unicorn Playmat

Wizard Playmat

Zombie Playmat

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