Nov 28 Update

Hi everyone, just a quick update on my progress. I’ve got most of the templating done for the Level 0 English cards. I’m waiting for a few more pieces of art and then I should be all finished.

So right now I’m working on templating the Spanish, Thai and Chinese translations. The Thai is proving to be a little tricky because the fonts are a different size and the tone marks are all over the place. Hopefully, I will have that finished later tonight.

The plan is to release Level 0 with four playable colors in four languages, and then work on the lesson plans and how-to-play videos. I’ve also got a few deck techs I’m trying to complete, but figuring out green-screen, audio and other technical issues has been a real pain. So if I don’t get those done this week, I’m going to go ahead and release the Magic Junior content without it, and then get around to my DadMagic “grown up” content later.

Feedback is greatly appreciated and as always, please consider supporting this project on Patreon. I’ve got plans to release three more levels of cards for older kids, so your support can make that possible!

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