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Welcome to Magic Junior!

Magic Junior is for families with children ages 3 and up. It provides a unique way to share your love of Magic: The Gathering with your kids. This game simplifies essential concepts that are found in Magic and provides a crucial stepping stone to help young players understand that game.

The Game

Magic players will recognize that many essential elements of Magic: the Gathering are included in Magic Junior, however, there are some key differences. In Magic Junior:

– All spells are sorcery speed.

– Creatures are called “Friends” and they do not have toughness. At the basic level (Level 0), power always matches casting cost

– All creatures enter play with a “Tired” counter on them. Tired creatures cannot tap or attack, but they can still block. At the beginning of the turn, a Tired counter is removed from each creature that has one.

Lands, Colors and Costs

Each Magic Junior deck has two colors, and five lands (called “Castles” in this game), two castle cards of each color and one castle card that can be tapped for either color.

Players start the game with their castle cards in play, turned face down. Once per turn, they can flip over a castle and then that card is available to be tapped to pay for spells and friends.

At Level 0, no card in the game costs more than three mana. This is done to ensure that the math involved in adding costs or power does not get too complex for young players.


Magic Junior can be played as a 2-player game, or as a multi-player game. It is intended to be played with at least one parent and one child, but once kids get a basic level of competency, they should be able to play against each other without assistance.

Although Magic Junior contains some simplified rules so that 3-year-olds can participate without any difficulty, it is still unmistakably a Magic card game. Magic Junior is not just a game for kids but a genuine family game, to be enjoyed by adults and young children alike.

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