Go Fish

When working with young learners, it is important to remember that they are seeing things and doing things for the first time. So activities and concepts that might seem trivially

Captain Jorta

Card Name: Captain JortaCost: –Type: BossSubType: CaptainPower: –Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: 16 Magic Rules Text: You start the game with 16 life.Flavor Text: -!Level: 0Number: 036Artist: George Carroll

Wood or Wood

Card Name: Wood or WoodCost: –Type: CastleSubType: –Power: –Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: G or GMagic Rules Text: {tap}, choose a half: If you choose this half, add G.Flavor Text: -!Level: 0Number: 035Artist: George Carroll


Card Name: WoodCost: –Type: CastleSubType: –Power: –Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: G Magic Rules Text: {tap}: Add G.Flavor Text: –Level: 0Number: 034Artist: George Carroll


Card Name: Bigger!Cost: GGGType: SpellSubType: –Power: –Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: All my friends get ♡ ♡ Magic Rules Text: Creatures you control get +2 power-tough until the end of the turn.Flavor Text: We are the biggest!Level: 0Number: 033Artist: Sunisa Ninrawat

Come Back

Card Name: Come BackCost: GGType: SpellSubType: –Power: –Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: A friend comes back Magic Rules Text: Return target creature from the graveyard to the battlefield.Flavor Text: I missed you.Level: 0Number: 032Artist: Sunisa Ninrawat

Grow Up

Card Name: Grow UpCost: GType: SpellSubType: –Power: –Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: A friend gets ♡ ♡ ♡ Magic Rules Text: Target creatures gets +3 power-tough until end of turn.Flavor Text: You are too big!Level: 0Number: 031Artist: Sunisa Ninrawat

Big Wolf

Card Name: Big WolfCost: GGGType: FriendSubType: WolfPower: 3Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: – Magic Rules Text: –Flavor Text: He is big. He is hungry.Level: 0Number: 030Artist: Sunisa Ninrawat

Momma Bear

Card Name: Momma BearCost: GGType: FriendSubType: BearPower: 2Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: –Magic Rules Text: –Flavor Text: She is strong. She is big.Level: 0Number: 029Artist: Sunisa Ninrawat

Wood Elf

Card Name: Wood ElfCost: GType: FriendSubType: ElfPower: 1Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: –Magic Rules Text: –Flavor Text: She is good. She can help.Level: 0Number: 028Artist: Sunisa Ninrawat