Captain Jorta

Card Name: Captain JortaCost: –Type: BossSubType: CaptainPower: –Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: 16 Magic Rules Text: You start the game with 16 life.Flavor Text: -!Level: 0Number: 036Artist: George Carroll

Wood or Wood

Card Name: Wood or WoodCost: –Type: CastleSubType: –Power: –Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: G or GMagic Rules Text: {tap}, choose a half: If you choose this half, add G.Flavor Text: -!Level: 0Number: 035Artist: George Carroll


Card Name: WoodCost: –Type: CastleSubType: –Power: –Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: G Magic Rules Text: {tap}: Add G.Flavor Text: –Level: 0Number: 034Artist: George Carroll


Card Name: Bigger!Cost: GGGType: SpellSubType: –Power: –Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: All my friends get ♡ ♡ Magic Rules Text: Creatures you control get +2 power-tough until the end of the turn.Flavor Text: We are the biggest!Level: 0Number: 033Artist: Sunisa Ninrawat

Come Back

Card Name: Come BackCost: GGType: SpellSubType: –Power: –Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: A friend comes back Magic Rules Text: Return target creature from the graveyard to the battlefield.Flavor Text: I missed you.Level: 0Number: 032Artist: Sunisa Ninrawat

Grow Up

Card Name: Grow UpCost: GType: SpellSubType: –Power: –Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: A friend gets ♡ ♡ ♡ Magic Rules Text: Target creatures gets +3 power-tough until end of turn.Flavor Text: You are too big!Level: 0Number: 031Artist: Sunisa Ninrawat

Big Wolf

Card Name: Big WolfCost: GGGType: FriendSubType: WolfPower: 3Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: – Magic Rules Text: –Flavor Text: He is big. He is hungry.Level: 0Number: 030Artist: Sunisa Ninrawat

Momma Bear

Card Name: Momma BearCost: GGType: FriendSubType: BearPower: 2Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: –Magic Rules Text: –Flavor Text: She is strong. She is big.Level: 0Number: 029Artist: Sunisa Ninrawat

Wood Elf

Card Name: Wood ElfCost: GType: FriendSubType: ElfPower: 1Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: –Magic Rules Text: –Flavor Text: She is good. She can help.Level: 0Number: 028Artist: Sunisa Ninrawat

Ferris, the Wild Kid

Card Name: Ferris, The Wild KidCost: –Type: BossSubType: KidPower: –Abilities: –Junior Rules Text: 20Magic Rules Text: You start the game with 20 life.Flavor Text: –Level: 0Number: 027Artist: George Carroll