Best Playmat Ever

My wife is a literal saint. Not only does she put up with my hobby to the point of letting me name one of my kids after a planeswalker, but she also supports it in any way she can.

She has been a big part of the Magic Junior development process, translating the cards into Thai and helping to template the Thai and Chinese versions of the cards.

She also helps to sort my cards and she even had a guy in the market hand-build a card catalog to hold my collection.

** This is what happens when you play for 25 years… and you’re a hoarder…
** Hey honey, wanna… sort my collection… tonight? *wink *wink 😉

Pretty awesome, right? But then she had to top it all by getting me the best birthday gift ever.

** My kids already know how to ham it up for the camera. :p

She had one of the Magic Junior artists, Sunisa Ninrawat, create a picture of my kids (Nissa and Sam) as the planewalkers, Nissa Revane and Jiang Yanggu. Then she put that picture on a playmat for me.

Seriously, who’s cutting onions in here?

I am very thankful and lucky to have such a supportive and loving partner on this life’s adventure. Not only is she wickedly smart & funny, but she’s also a great mom, a savvy businesswoman, and a talented writer.

I didn’t wish for anything when I blew out my candles, because all my wishes came true already.

** Yes, we’re nerds.

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