Dec 3rd, Wow!!

Wow! I cannot believe the response! Over 6,000 downloads of Magic Junior boosters on the first day! That’s amazing! Thank you to everyone who’s trying out the game and sharing it with their kids. I am truly overwhelmed. And a special thank you to everyone who has signed up to be a patron. Your support has been very inspiring. Let’s build this thing together!

Here’s some updates on my progress:

There were some concerns that using the mana symbols might not comply with the Fan-Content Policy. Rather than wait for Wizards to tell me, I’m currently re-templating everything with new mana symbols just to be 100% sure I’m complying with their policy.

I’m also just about finished with templating the extra languages (Thai, Spanish, Chinese) and hopefully I will have those uploaded tonight. Some people have asked for German, Dutch and Portuguese, so I’m going to send them the excel doc to get their translations.

Tomorrow I will get on the How-To guides. A lot of people have been asking for those, so I’m going to get them out as soon as possible. I just want to get the re-templating done first so I can use the new cards in those videos and images.

All this re-templating has got me thinking about the future. It’s going to become a very big job to re-template 100’s of cards in dozens of languages once the other levels start coming. Doing it in Photoshop is rather tedious. 😛

So I think what I really need is a coded generator that would hold everything in a database and allow me to generate new cards on the fly.If anyone wants to take on that project, let me know!

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