Let’s make a deck!

Listen up, Sparkling! The first thing you’ll need to do is build a deck. A Magic Junior deck has all your Spells and Friends, but you’ll also need some Castles to power your magic and a Boss (that’s you!).

If you’re just starting out, go to the Downloads page and get two Level-0 boosters. You can pick any two colors you want, that’s up to you. Bigger kids can add one booster from each level, but we’ll get into that later.

OK, once you have your boosters downloaded and printed out, cut out all the cards and attach them to some old cards your parents have lying around (but ask first!). Basic lands or marketing cards work great for this part.

You can glue the Magic Junior cards to the backing, or you can use inner sleeves to slide over the Magic Junior card and its backing.

Once you’ve finished, put all the cards inside regular card sleeves and you’re ready to go! I recommend using a different color sleeve for the Castle and Boss cards. This will help you keep things organized.

When you’re done, you’d better have the right number of cards, or it’ll be 10 laps around the Academy grounds, and no, I don’t care how many times your parents have saved the multi-verse from giant spaghetti monsters!


Level 0 : 20 cards
Level 1 : 30 cards
Level 2 : 40 cards
Level 3 : 50 cards

Plus you’ll always have:
5 Castles and a Boss.

Great job, Sparklings! You’ve built your first Magic Junior deck! Now you are ready to learn how to play. It’s time to meet me and mean ol’ Captain Jorta on the training grounds for your first lesson!

Now you are ready to learn to play the game.